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Caddo Parish, Louisiana

Free Public Search

The Caddo Parish real estate database is accessible 24/7 to the public at no charge. You may search the database by the 5 options listed below. Beneath each search field, a note is provided for assistance while entering criteria. Upon a successful search, results will appear below the search control. Click on the row to view the property record card and full property details.

Enter a parcel or geog. number:

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Powerful Pro Search

For the real estate professionals who need additional property data, powerful searching capabilities, and value added options, then click here for the Professional Search.

Additional datasets available in the Professional search include property transaction history information, tax districts, and homestead information. Click here for a property record detail card.

Over 25 fields are available for searching including multiple field searching, e.g., all properties that transferred over previous 12 months in SMITH subdivision. View for available search fields.

The Caddo Parish Assessor’s Office is excited to announce the introduction of Interactive Mapping on! Subscribers to the “Pro Search” can now search and view real property records with geospatial imaging layers. The map viewer incorporates a point-and-click application blended with parcel boundary layers. This Interactive Mapping tool will let subscribers visualize the property on a map, view the parcel boundary lines and approximate dimensions, and then link the parcel with its real property record card. View interactive map viewer.

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