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2022 Budget

2021 Open Book Dates

August 19 - September 2: Books open for public review and inspection

September 8: All appeals must be received by 5:00 P.M.

September 15: Appeal Date

Louisiana Constitution Article VII, Section 18(F)

The Louisiana Constitution Article VII, Section 18(F) provides that all property subject to taxation shall be reappraised and valued at intervals of not more than four (4) years. This parish will be completing a comprehensive, parish-wide reassessment cycle this spring and summer. The new appraised and assessed values based on this current reassessment will be available on this website by mid-August for the public inspection period. Once the public inspection period is complete, the values will be certified to the Parish Commission Board of Review and then on to the Louisiana Tax Commission. Notice of Assessments will be mailed to all property owners prior to the public inspection period.